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Whitemud Equine Learning Centre (WELCA)

Not many cities can boast an equine facility on a historic rolling farm right in the middle of the metropolis, but Edmonton is one of the lucky few. And the Whitemud Equine Learning Centre (WELCA) is far more than just a home for horses. This non-profit organization is also home to programs such as the Little Bits erapeutic Riding Association, where children with physical and mental health challenges experience equine-assisted therapy. WELCA also partners with local post-secondary institutions to give students experience in large animal veterinary skills.

After decades of housing horses and thousands of hours teaching kids and adults to ride, the riding arena and stables were on their last legs. But with a partnership between the City of Edmonton, and partly funded by SEF, WELCA was able to build a new riding arena and classroom facility to help these unique programs continue for generations to come.

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