Our Clients in Social & Human Services

Strathearn Community League

Started work about five years ago on the process of replacing its original hall, built in 1951. The new building has been designed to provide better access, easier maintenance and other improvements for what they hope will become an even more important hub for a growing community.

From the Notebook

Trico steps up as SVI Alberta sponsor

SVI Alberta’s lead organizers, the Social Enterprise Fund and Thrive (an initiative of Momentum) and SVI Hollyhock are deeply grateful for our generous sponsors who have stepped up to make the first SVI Alberta possible.

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New look, new stories

Our latest edition of Portfolio sports a whole new look, as SEF updates our brand after ten years. 

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A few simple basics

There are a number of ideas I find myself returning to over and over again in my work with SEF’s clients – a few simple basics that may help in your thinking about working in the world of social enterprise.

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