The Social Enterprise Fund invests in social enterprises and social entrepreneurs, providing the patient and imaginative capital they need to successfully accomplish important public benefit missions.

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes, and can be any corporate structure. We work across the province of Alberta and in a wide range of sectors such as social challenges, food security, the environment and culture.

Social enterprises, like any small business, require access to capital to grow. Given their sometimes unusual structure or business sphere, they can face challenges finding the financing they need through traditional sources. SEF acts as a patient lender, working with these organization to meet their financing needs, whether through a big or small loan. Loans are repayable with interest — this way, the funds can go on to assist other social entrepreneurs.

“SEF’s funding was absolutely a life-saver for us. It gives me great pleasure that, less than four years later, we’re in a position to return this capital so that it can go on to other good causes.”
David Cheros
Executive Director, Metro Cinema