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SCONA Seniors’ Center

For those who’ve reached the “most senior” time of life, there is a special place to gather. Located in an inviting little home in Old Strathcona in Edmonton, the SCONA Seniors’ Centre helps seniors enjoy a happier and healthier life in their community. With SEF’s assistance, SCONA was able to get bridge financing to secure the space. SCONA offers everything from foot and blood pressure clinics, speaker series and assistance with government forms to yoga, drama and creative writing classes, to help make life just a bit more easy and interesting for its members.

From the Notebook

SVI Alberta is back! And we won't need to lock the door.

Entrepreneurs, and in particular social entrepreneurs are usually moving pretty fast.

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Trico steps up as SVI Alberta sponsor

SVI Alberta’s lead organizers, the Social Enterprise Fund and Thrive (an initiative of Momentum) and SVI Hollyhock are deeply grateful for our generous sponsors who have stepped up to make the first SVI Alberta possible.

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New look, new stories

Our latest edition of Portfolio sports a whole new look, as SEF updates our brand after ten years. 

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