The Theatre

We’re replacing the seats and the popcorn machine…  we’ll open up soon.

Well, okay, we do have one short for you.  Here’s Joey Hundert of Sustainival introducing the Green Beast.


Another year of community impact!

2017 promises to be a great year for social entrepreneurs in Alberta.  Take a look at SEF’s current clients in the latest edition of Portfolio, which you will find in The Library.  

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A few simple basics

There are a number of ideas I find myself returning to over and over again in my work with SEF’s clients – a few simple basics that may help in your thinking about working in the world of social enterprise. Income must be bigger than outgo, or you don’t get to play. No matter what […]

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Psst…want to know a secret?

Just over a year ago, I was asked to speak on the topic “The Secret of Financing for Social Entrepreneurs.”  I recently came across the notes for that talk, and realized they’re still relevant – and thought I should share them here. If you have ever tried to launch any kind of enterprise or business, […]

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Are you intrigued by the idea of social enterprise? Wondering if it might work for you? Then we've got the workshop just for you.

SEF is like "like Dragons' Den, but for good." Basically, we can provide patient capital to make social enterprise a reality.

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