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Verto Labour Services

Companies that hire Verto Labour Services are looking for a good day’s work – and that is exactly what they get. Eager young workers, trained in basic worksite rules, show up supported by a crew leader and ready to do whatever needs to be done. But what Verto’s customers often don’t realize that they have made an important contribution to turning around a young life.

Verto is an offshoot of YOUCAN Youth Services, an organization that has provided programs for at-risk youth in Edmonton for over a decade. Believing that employment is one of the best ways to see at-risk youth move out of harm’s way and into economic independence, YOUCAN decided to take matters into its own hands and created Verto Labour Services Inc.

Verto, which is Latin for turn around or change, is seeing wins on all fronts. Its customers receive a great labour service with some of the company’s profits going back to YOUCAN to enhance its programs. The youth win by gaining real-life work experience, the first move towards a bright future. And unlike most employers, Verto can measure its success by one more unusual measure; namely how many of their employees are “stolen” and given full-time employment by the companies that first contracted them through Verto.

SEF provided Verto with an operating loan to support the company’s growth.

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