Building Social Entrepreneurs

Building your skills as a social entrepreneur can seem challenging, but luckily, there is a lot of help out there.   In addition to business development resources such as post secondary business schools, or Alberta’s Business Link locations, there are many materials available from Canadian organizations working specifically in social enterprise and social finance.

The Trico Foundation (in Calgary) provides educational opportunities and business development funding for non-profits interested in exploring their enterprise potential. is an initiative of the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, offering a range of materials through a web site, workshops and direct coaching, including specific modules on social enterprise and social finance. (a national partnership of a range of Canadian organizations working in the social enterprise field) has a great range of materials on their site on many topics that social entrepreneurs at all levels will find interesting and useful.

The Business Link (a partnership of the governments of Alberta and Canada) provides a wide range of critical information and support to anyone starting or growing a business.  You may be a non-profit and don’t think of yourself as being in business  — but take a look at what they offer, and you may be pleasantly surprized!

From time to time, we’ll post materials that we find useful or interesting about social enterprise, social entrepreneurship and social impact investing, either in The Library  or The Theatre


Happy exploring!

Community Development Company seeks ED

The Edmonton Community Development Company is an exciting new partner in Edmonton’s work to end poverty by supporting economic development -from the grassroots up. The ECDC is seeking an Executive Director, and you can find the job posting here.

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Another year of community impact!

2017 promises to be a great year for social entrepreneurs in Alberta.  Take a look at SEF’s current clients in the latest edition of Portfolio, which you will find in The Library.  

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A few simple basics

There are a number of ideas I find myself returning to over and over again in my work with SEF’s clients – a few simple basics that may help in your thinking about working in the world of social enterprise. Income must be bigger than outgo, or you don’t get to play. No matter what […]

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